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Monday, May 1

Kitchen Sisters

Hidden Kitchens is an on going series of sound-rich stories on NPR's Morning Edition that explores the world of street-corner cooking, hidden kitchens, legendary meals and eating traditions -- how communities come together through food.

Listeners travel the country with the Hidden Kitchens project as we visit and chronicle all kinds of American kitchen cultures, past and present. A mobile, rolling night kitchen that appears on the empty street outside a cab yard in San Francisco, where Janette cooks Brazilian food for the more than 400 cabbies from her hometown in Brazil. Community cooking rituals -- all night, all men's buffalo roasts, a 100-year-old tradition in North Dakota. Homeless kitchens, secret civil rights kitchens, test kitchens, NASCAR kitchens, freighter foods on Lake Erie, hidden restaurants tucked in car washes and in houses to feed new immigrant communities — tiny kitchen economies that reflect the way people live and adapt in 21st-century America. An eclectic gathering of people who find it, grow it, cook it, sell it, celebrate with it and think about it. Produced by The Kitchen Sisters with Jay Allison and mixed by Jim McKee.

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