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Sunday, April 30

From Daily Candy

A.I.M.v. To actively ignore messages from annoying chat buddies while blaming the server for the lost connection.

bee breakn. The act of sneaking off to the bathroom in the middle of dinner to scroll through one’s BlackBerry.

block-listedadj. Permanently banned from all modes of virtual communication.

casev. To use the jarring style of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in an e-mail. Also known as virtual shouting. (Dude, quit casing me!)

e-mnesian. The condition of having sent or received an e-mail and having no recollection of it whatsoever.

IMonogamyn. The practice of chatting into only one window at a time. (C’mon Jane, it’s 2006. No one’s imonogamous anymore.)

overshared servern. A person who consistently hits “Reply All” when he/she should hit “Reply,” thus subjecting everyone on the e-mail list to an irrelevant personal note.

textual frustrationn. A late-night text exchange that fails to result in old-fashioned lip-locking.

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