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Tuesday, October 1


photo by GT

It's clearly Fall, the time of year to slow down, enjoy the cooler weather and change of seasons.  Once everyone is snugly fit into school schedules and all the summer paraphernalia is stored away, one breathes a sigh, inhales the October air and snap! the peaceful feeling is sucked away faster than a letter in a vacuum tube.  

What happened?  What destroyed the daydream of leisurely chats on the porch, leaf-crunching walks, the first brush of a light sweater on your cheek? 

It was walking into the retail store.  

We are bombarded by Halloween decorations and in many places, tinsel and red and green are peeking out from crowded corners, waiting to fill every aisle months before December.  Yes, some Halloween stuff started appearing in August, but many of us were able to whiz by it, searching for the exact notebook that matched the school supply list. Now, the last quarter of the year is here, filled with plastic, glitter, color and yes, crap.  

It's cluttering our store aisles and our minds.  

My solution?  Go outside.  In many parts of the US, October is a precious month.  The last one with patches of sunny warm spots lingering before the cold sets in and the trees go bare.  

Bake some apples, jump in the raked leaves, build a rock pyramid and call it art, dance until your cheeks turn rosy. Be free for a little while longer.  


  1. I live in India and fall is not technically a season here. But October and November are busy festival times for most Indians.

  2. I hate the fact that you can't go to a store without seeing stuff for Christmas on October 1. UGH. Not ready for Christmas or Halloween for that matter. Just loving the cooler breezes and the fall colors.

  3. I love fall. And I love the sentiment of 'be free for a little while longer.' We all should.

  4. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I liked your post about Autumn. Good advice too. Have a good day, Melissa.

  5. Fall is my favorite! Crisp air, but still plenty of sunshine. my little family has been getting outside every weekend and we can't get enough. This saturday - pumpkin picking!