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Sunday, September 15


Kate Gallery writes about when she finds time to develop blog posts.  As many of us do, she catches snippets of time.  Hers is while riding the Metro in DC and while waiting for the bus.  I remember jotting notes onto a ragged pad I carried everywhere.  Often, the soccer game got a little boring--sorry sons!--and I would write a few lines instead of trying to will a command through mental telepathy to my youngest that he turn around and face the direction of the ball in play on the field.  

I still carry a small notepad.  It's a little less ragged now, but serves the same purpose. Kate points out that we don't need a beautiful antique desk with the perfect light to craft our thoughts, nor do we need solitude.  Sometimes the human sounds around us are just what we need to spark creative thought.  

For those of us that find coffee shops a fertile ground for growing ideas, but we can't trade home for one right this moment, a unique program brings the sounds of a coffee shop to you via your computer, coffitivity.com/  It's an iPhone/iPad app or you can stream it from your PC.  

Where do you find the time to write?

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