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Saturday, October 12


There's a virgin 2014 Moleskine planning calendar on my desk, still in its wrapper. It will stay unopened for a while, as I admire its pristine state. Bookstores and office supply stores roll out the new year calendars around this time. This year, it was a dilemma--switch from the 18 month 'academic' calendar I've been using? After the first round with an 18 month, you always end up wasting pages for months you already have, so I switched back to conventional 12 month.

how much I love to start the new one, how much I hate to say goodbye to the old one, with its wrinkled pages (water bottle + Moleskine in tote bag), its sticker on the cover that I think sometimes offends as many people as it does bring a smile, and many, many, many notes, numbers, thoughts, dates, meetings and a sketch or two tossed onto the pages.
Are you calendar shopping, yet? Yes, I'm that person you see in the store: compelled to touch and open each different type of calendar/planner, including the ones I have no intention of purchasing.
The video below highlights an iPad app combined with Moleskine to create a special book for someone—including yourself--an awesome idea! There are other book making applications that will put your photos together in a bound book, but this intrigues because it allows sketches, photos, handwritten pages all to be combined inside a binding. You even create your own title. Seems like a holiday present for someone.

for the truly obsessed--join my world--Moleskine has a website where you can download additional pages, using their templates or creating you own. Occasionally, I paste a page inside my book, using a repositioning glue stick. Then, I can move the one sheet from week to week, if necessary.  This glue stick potentially turns every piece of paper into a Post-ItTM.  (I had to clue my local Office Depot guy to these). 
AND you can synch Evernote with Moleskine, but that's for another day. . .

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