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Monday, December 17


The book came home from the library with me, selected solely by the word Paris in its title.  And, like the city that fills my imagination, the book didn't disappoint. 

Eloisa James writes historical romance novels, none of which have ever come home with me. Thankfully, her memoir, Paris in Love, was selected by one of our lovely librarians to be featured in the new books display.  

Enticed by the title, I read the summary on the flap. It was then certain no other reader would be enjoying this copy during the extended holiday library loan period.    

The romance of selling one's house, taking a sabbatical from work and moving two children, ages eleven and fifteen, is to enjoy la vie Parisienne.  Together with her Italian husband, Eloisa explores the numbered arrondissements, visits the Musée de la Vie Romantique (and many others) and dines in fabulous local establishments unknown to tourists. 

For me, the biggest attraction of this book is the writing style--concise, beautifully crafted paragraphs.  Each are little vignettes of daily life in Paris with an ending sentence that would create envy in any creative writing teacher.  The book is a selection of posts from Facebook and Twitter that the author organized and revised with a few expanded into short essays.  

The entries leave me feeling satisfied, a complete mini-story with beginning, middle and ending tightly, yet elegantly written. You can read an excerpt from the book on her website, here's a video excerpt:

Also, while we're in the Paris mood, check out http://www.parisbreakfast.com/

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