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Saturday, November 24


Over this Thanksgiving, a young man from our local university returned home to his family in Ocala to celebrate the holiday.  He was struck and killed by a hit and run driver who was later apprehended by the police.  

As if one had any control over events, it seems that any holiday woUld be a bad time to die.  Thereafter, the remaining loved ones would think of that holiday as the one when you expired.  It would clearly dampen the holiday for many, many years to come.  

Dying on a nondescript Wednesday seems less traumatic.  No one particularly marks Wednesday as important--or maybe Tuesday would also suffice.  There is the random local radio station trying to promote Wednesday as 'hump day,' but other than hawking drink specials for a local bar, it doesn't seem to have much significance.  So, my vote goes for dying on a non-holiday, preferably mid-week.  Just not any Wednesday anytime soon.  

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