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Monday, November 26


It is probably counter-intuitive for humans to choose instability.  Outside of the base jumping, or no rope mountain climber, Alex Honnold, and free falls from the edge of space, I think the majority of us want to be on stable ground.  That includes when we are crossing bridges.  

Architects in Paris designed a bridge over the river Seine that is made to be purposefully unstable.  Studio bureau faceB is making a pedestrian bridge that is constructed from steel cables strung between the river banks by springs.   The project called Water At-traction, is a series of 'extremely narrow, wobbly paths are reminiscent of Himalayan footbridges. 
“The objective was to get closer to the water so that going over the water is an event in itself. We wanted the pedestrian to find this feeling. It’s like a perilous flirt with the Seine.”
Alternatively, there will be an optional, more stable way to cross over a more typical bridge.  Fast Company online recently featured this bridge design with sketches.  

Do we always choose the bridge we perceive to be stable?  Do we occasionally venture out onto the wobbly path of the unknown?  Are there times when we need to redirect from the stable path and venture into less certain terrain?  

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