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Saturday, August 11


Made a really serious commitment to writing, but you're not quite over that whole procrastination thing? Dr Wicked's program Write or Die may be for you.  Available for PC, Mac or IPad  $

Or, here's one that really could drive me over the edge:  Don't Look Back, an writing utility app for Mac that prevents you from using the delete key!  The description says it 'frees you from the tyranny of deletion.'  Hmm, I'm not sure about this one, but if it appeals, check it out for  $ .99 in the app store.   

Finally, another recommendation from my NaNoWriMo survivor.  It is the most comprehensive tool for novel and non-fiction writers or for someone trying to organize their dissertation   Scrivener for PC or MAC $40.00 paid version only, with a free trial.  Discount available to NaNoWriMo participants.  It helps create 'order out of chaos' by giving the writer tools to organize data and research, keep track of characters and timelines, rearrange entries while providing a space to write.  It is definitely a tool to check out.  

OK, that's all for the distraction-free tools, now get back to writing!

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