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Thursday, January 12


Considering the idea of blogger as storyteller.  Many of us read and lean toward quick top ten lists of things whether they may be ways to improve ourselves, our partner, our efforts to be more green or how to glean some quick facts in a busy world. "How to's" focused upon improving ourselves quickly and easily.

But, where is the Internet home when we want to pause, crawl up in the virtual window seat and sip a cup of tea?  Where is the place we go with consistent pleasure and anticipation?  The place where story prevails.  Not the soap opera drama of this happened to me, then this--isn't life awful--but the place where reading a blog allows you to feel, for those few moments, that you are learning something about the writer, who then feels like a friend when you visit the blog with whom you settle in to reconnect and learn what's new since you last stopped by. 

Is the act of sharing through writing an act of simple connection?  Is the writing's purpose to teach something to the reader?
Or are we teaching ourselves through the very act of writing?

If there is no one at the other end reading our snippets, is it still a conversation?  Is the conversation with ourselves and you who click into the space are given a peek through the window?  Or, are you, the reader, welcomed into the on-going conversation, asked to sit down for a cup of tea and  stay as long as you like?

Is the blog the place for the storyteller or only suitable for the list of top ten things?

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