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Friday, November 24

Thanksgiving turned out to be a mixed day only if you count not having any central heat in the house. Even though our New Yorkers couldn't make it due to moving to yet another box in the city, we managed to uphold traditions. The turkey, rubbed with a $1.00 on sale "Turkey Rub" and olive oil was cooked to perfection, since I remembered to remove the tin foil tent a few minutes for browning effect. Other dishes were cooked in a stressless atmosphere which began with making a sweet potato pie which turned out to be two since the filling was was more than a 10" pie shell.

I managed to get everything on the table while it was still hot, the oven more than made up for a lack of heat. The afternoon was spent intermitent napping (me) and NCAA 07 video games (everyone else) in a three match titan struggle of rivals FSU and Florida. Lots of trash talk, groans, leaping around the living room and best, lots of laughter. Youngest son learned not to nap on the couch around two older brothers who filled his mouth with aerosol whip cream.

Today, we enjoy leftovers and the luxury of a day off. (well, I guess I really have to do laundry at some point). The game played today will be "will the heater guy come?" Any bets on that one?

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