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Friday, January 16

Is Ralph irrelevant? Yawn. . .does anyone care?

Running On Empty by Norman Solomon, the author of The Habits of Highly Deceptive Media. He writes Media Beat, a nationally syndicated column.

"Ralph Nader plans to announce this month whether he'll be running for president in 2004. Some believe that such a campaign is needed to make a strong political statement nationwide. But if Nader does run this year, what kind of support—in the form of volunteers, resources and votes—could he reasonably expect?

Results of a nationwide survey, released in late December, provide a stark look at the current inclinations of people who've been part of his electoral base. After receiving about 11,000 responses from readers on a core e-mail list, the progressive online magazine AlterNet reported back: "While 27 percent of you voted for Nader in 2000, only 11 percent say you would vote for him in 2004."

“How would such a campaign help to defeat George W. Bush?”

This year, Nader would be lucky to receive 1 million votes—a far cry from his 2000 total of 2.8 million."

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