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Thursday, January 2


As I stood in the library, staring at my options for audio books to keep me company on not one, but two round-trips to Central Florida in the space of two weeks, I kept coming back to Dearie, the biography of Julia Child by Bob Spitz.  It was 20 CD's! This far surpassed my total travel time of about 16 hours for the two round trips.  But, I had wanted to read this book and it did seem like the perfect opportunity.  I would be alone on both trips, so there was no one else to complain about a French Chef marathon.  

It took me weeks to plow through the 20 CD's.  Upon returning from my second Central Florida trip, I played the tape constantly wherever I drove in town. Thankfully, over the holidays, our public library extends its loan period an extra week.  With a renewal of two more weeks, I sighed when I put in the 20th and last CD.  I had finally made it through the entire 90+ years of Julia--and more.  The book covers quite a bit of history of Julia's parents' family and their relocation to Sacramento, California.

I'm rewarding myself for my tenaciousness!  I did not even have to sit in the car parked in my driveway to finish--although I was tempted!

Are you a driveway-moment person who listens to CD's in the car while parked?

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