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Sunday, October 6


We've all had a time in our lives when things were boring. So boring and mundane that you wish you could be a kid again and just play hookie.  

If you do give in to temptation and sneak away, don't you expect something tremendous will happen?  Something filled with excitement, laughter, maybe even danger!  At least that's what happens in the movies.  

When I was working the government life, things like conferences were chances to get away from the routines of the family for a day or two and reacquaint with colleagues you seldom see.  But, even conferences can become mundane and the one in rural Florida certainly promised to be an exact replica of the preceding year.  Same attendees, same droning speakers, same dull food.  

It was my idea, but it was spurred by one of our middle age friends who had just bought a 'mid-life convertible.'  During morning coffee, I walked outside the hotel and discovered the promise of a beautiful day, sunny and warm a perfect spring day for a long car ride.  I grabbed my friend and talked her into approaching the 'convertible guy.'  He was also bored so we plotted our escape.  We would attend the morning plenary session and be seen by as many people as we could manage.  Then, during the break to go to workshops we would meet up in the parking lot.  

Successfully seen, we rendezvoused at the blue convertible.  We were giddy with the success of our escape and the promise of an entire day of freedom for the three of us.  

He eased out of the parking lot, grinned and pushed the button to let the top down, before we pulled onto the small county road.  "Where to?" he asked.  

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