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Saturday, December 1


As an under-grad, I got to take fun things like Film Appreciation.  We viewed films and talked about them.  What could be better?  We convened once a week in a mid-size auditorium classroom and waited for our frequently hung-over projectionist to arrive.  Often, he would start a film, blurry images would flutter by and we would yell in unison, 'Focus, J.R., focus!'

The act of creation is about focus.  How do we start our day? How do we get into the rhythm of writing?  What distracts us from putting something on the page? 

Author and minimalist, Leo Babauta, offers his techniques for finding the focus to write at his Zen Habits web page.  
Writers procrastinate on writing so much that the term “writer” is probably a misnomer. We should be called “putting things off-ists”.

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