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Tuesday, August 7


Tara Austen Weaver first captured my interest when I stumbled upon her book, The Butcher and the Vegetarian. As a vegetarian off and on for 20+ years, and as a non-red meat eater for all but a couple years of my adult life, I was intrigued by the title and not disappointed with the memoir.  

The book led me to Tara's Tea and Cookies blog which I savor as part of each Saturday morning's blog feast when I read my favorite blogs, in order--please we must have structure--while sipping latte.  

I think this post, The Way Light Filters Through the Leaves, may likely make you a permanent fan of her postings.  

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  1. Glad I popped over from BlogHer. I am a meat eater, so I don't know much about it. But I am soooo glad you linked the tea and cookie blog, as I am a big tea fan! I love all things tea. I am big on Indie bookstores, but sadly my favorite here in NYC is closing in Sept. Makes me sad.