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Saturday, March 17


First, while grinding beans for morning coffee, the tune Come Saturday Morning from the old movie Sterile Cuckoo hums around in my head.  

[Writing this, I wonder if I can get this movie on Netflix on some rainy afternoon/evening when work has been put away and it's time to indulge. Evidently not on DVD--only VHS tape--what??]  

Saturday morning is when I visit old friends on the Internet.  They're virtual friends that I've never met and we all have them.  I visit their blogs only on Saturday as a treat and read posts all the way back to the prior Saturday.  I even have a certain order in which I visit:  swiss-miss then not martha then tea and cookies.  Then I peruse Tumblr until my second cup of coffee gets cold and I have to start my day.  

Some mornings are longer than others as it is inevitable that one link leads to a new discovery, then to another and before long--well, we've all been there. Knowing the distractions, I limit myself to Saturday visits.  

At that point, I look at the clock, will myself back to the original blog and finish.   

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