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Saturday, May 12

As most of you know, I have continued my love affair with the Segway despite its numerous disappointments and inadequacies.

Recently, I found an electric tricycle at a pricey $3500
30 mile range, at top speed of 15 mph (solar canopy optional)

I figure my Matrix gets around 29 mpg, let's round to 30
I drive 70 miles per week around town, let's round to 100
at $3.00 per gallon of gas, it costs me approx. $10 per week in gas or $40 per month

At $1.00 per wk (guess) electricity [$4.00 per month] + monthly scooter payments of, say, $111.00 for three years, that $115.00 per month, not counting medical bills when I get run over, times I have to drive my car when it's too hot, too cold, raining, have to carry my laptop, etc. etc. (how many groceries fit into that little box on the back?)

think, I'll stay with the car.

I contacted the local bus to try to decipher the bus routes from my house to work, but even with a college degree, I couldn't figure them out. . .

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