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Saturday, September 2

I'm feeling pretty cosmopolitan today, Saturday morning errands. Hauled myself out of bed to get to the Sprint store at the time of its opening, thinking that I'd get right in and the tech would look at my phone which now powers on and off repeatedly all by itself. Unfortunately, when I drove up about ten minutes before opening time, there was a line of six or seven people crowded by the door, impatience written on their faces. Visiting the Starbucks next door fortified me for a 45 minute wait in line

Stopped by a new roadside veggie stand. The gentleman asked if I had ever been here before and when I said no he told me his name was Jonathan. So, now me and the tomato guy are on a first name basis. Felt a little disloyal to my regular Saturday guy. A few of his gigantic tomatoes last us all week. Yum!

Collected a used bookcase from the Refuge House Thrift Store, found some more bargain T-shirts for youngest son, then a brief visit to New Leaf Market, then home with all my booty, all before the afternoon rain!

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