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Monday, October 10

How to Remove Those Bush/Cheney and "W" Stickers
From One's Car

1. Apply a solution of 1 c. rubbing alcohol and 1 c. water in a spray bottle. Squirt the sticker with the solution and allow it to soak in for a few minutes. Rub the sticker off with your fingers. Wash the area with mild soap.

Tips: Never use a metal scraper or anything abrasive on your car's finish; try a plastic putty knife instead. Waxing the car will help buff up the surface after the adhesive has been removed.

2. Use WD-40 or CRC. Use a hair dryer to remove the top layer, then spray the area with WD-40 or CRC. Leave these on for 5 minutes then use your platinum or gold credit card to scrape off the goo. Repeat until clear.

3. Repeat by helping with your father-in-law's car.

from ehow.com

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