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Tuesday, June 8

During the summer reruns, I usually ignore the TV for the outdoors and some quiet reading under the trees in my yard. Somehow, last night I stumbled into the Sci Fi world of 5 Days to Midnight a mini-series on the Sci Fi channel.

The intriguing thing about the premise is the way we all have been conditioned by books and movies over the years. A character sees a future event, then sets out to change everything leading up to the event. Of course, the result is that the predicted event has a different outcome.

5 Days seems to challenge our acceptance of this idea, as the main character, professor J.T. Neumeyer, who will be murdered in 5 days, sets out to change preceding events. In the first episode, he is successful in changing many events, or at least the viewer thinks he's successful. The production will air as five one-hour episodes over five consecutive nights, one hour for each day the professor has to change his fate.

And I want the very cool briefcase.

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