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Friday, November 28

Thanksgiving Day or why every woman should have a hammer in her kitchen:

The new cans of cranberry sauce--yes, it's true, it's not made from fresh cranberries harvested from the backyard, simmered for hours, strained, then canned in one of those cute Ball jars--now have a "lip" on one end of the can rather than two. Impossible to open both ends of the can with a can opener, (manual, no electric please) I could not easily slide out the can-shaped cranberry jellied mass.

Time was short. What's a cook to do? Out to the garage, locate the tool box and the hammer, use the skewer that is used for everything except its intended purpose and bang the skewer into the can with the hammer until there's a hole. Wa La! The stuff slides out.

I didn't even burn the rolls this year and must confess I didn't cook the turkey either. By paying twice as much per pound, I bought already smoked turkey, which frankly is a whole lot more moist than my usual Mr. dry-as-a-bone Turkey.

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