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Tuesday, May 20

I'm addicted to the magazine DWELL, but I'm under no delusions.
I know that in those perfect, zen-like living rooms, those spartan bedrooms that grudgingly make room for a low, flat, simulated bed surface,
those built-ins, those closets and drawers are bulging, packed with the arcanities of life.

For the even more anally retentive, there is now a Personal Library Kit that allows
the none-trusting among us to "effectively monitor" every book that you may lend to your friends, or any other item, for that matter. For the really stingy, you can paste the "For Reference Only" sticker onto those items you don't EVER want to lend. For the rest of us, check out the link for book crossings in my link section, so you can learn to share, like your momma taught you!

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