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Friday, March 14

The woman in the overfed Expedition waited at the intersection, left turn signal on. I sat at the stop sign across the street, my left signal on, too. The traffic cleared. She pulled out. I pulled out, a little, waiting for her to start her turn first. She continued straight across the intersection. I applied brakes. She applied the horn.
Oh? Is she saying something? Not to me, she is not! I roll down my window, now parallel to hers. The guy in the car behind me is laughing and hoping we get out to fight.
“EXXXXXXCUSSSE ME!” Miss Attitude yells.
“I DO have the right of way. Blah, blah, blah.”
I shouted too! “Your blinker’s on!”
She continued to yell at me, look down, flipped the lever and said quietly, “Oh, sorry.”

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