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Monday, January 13

O.K., I'm still on the McDonald's beef-fries rant:
The Associated Press reported last week that some vegetarians, including the lead lawyer in the matter, are challenging how McDonald's Corp. will distribute $10 million to settle the mislabeling case involving beef-flavored french fries.

The Seattle attorney who brought the original lawsuit against the fast-food giant, Harish Bharti, said he will object to the company's list of proposed recipients. ``I am deeply concerned that the funds not be allocated to a relatively small number of interest groups determined by ... lawyers with personal preferences or prejudices unrelated to the actual needs and concerns of the class members,'' Bharti said in a brief.

Objections to the settlement distribution also have been filed by the operator of a Web site for vegetarians, VegSource.com. Jeffrey A. Nelson contends some would-be recipients are ``in fact anti-vegetarian.''

Some, Nelson said, had publicly opposed bringing a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's for representing its fries and hash browns as being vegetarian when they were, in fact, cooked in beef-flavored oils.

Responding to complaints over the choice of recipients, McDonald's filed a brief saying that some complaints are ``... fall into the category of petty gripes or sour grapes over not receiving funds ..." Well, McDonald's says all this is just a bunch of "intramural squabbling within the vegetarian community about tactics. . When distributing a large sum of money, it is impossible to please every potential grant recipient or interested party."

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