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Thursday, November 28


thanksgiving log
or future reminder of why we should go to
someone else's house for dinner. . .

7:15am take "fresh" turkey out of refrig. and continue to defrost-- they lied.
7:16am take phone off the hook to eliminate calls from relatives with cheery voices this early in the morning.
7:18am overflow espresso machine by filling it with water twice.
8:00am eat pecans off danish leftover from Tuesday
8:02am take allergy medicine to calm rash and coughing attack
8:30am start rice, make more espresso, turn off reunion stories on the Today show. Read in yesterday's newspaper that the first Thanksgiving was really in St. Augustine on September 8, 1565, when 800 Spanish settlers celebrated a mass of thanksgiving and invited the native Seloy tribe who occupied the site.They dined on a stew made from salted pork and garbanzo beans, laced with garlic seasoning, hard sea biscuits and red wine, of course, to be perfectly technical, Ponce de Leon gave thanksgiving for his safe voyage and landing in Florida in 1513, before the slaughter of the indigenous people began.
9:13am send away annoying neighborhor kid knocking on my door--shouldn't he be at his Grandma's already?
10:30am Flour everywhere, it's snowing! too bad I have to clean it up.
10:35am One of two stuffings done, turkey in the oven--late--is it too early to open the wine?
click here for a pix that is NOT US at Thanksgiving
12:43pm second stuffing made. the boys have decided to take the marshmallows left over from the sweet potato casserole, stick them on a dinner fork and roast them over the candle.
2:00pm getting close, juggling multiple dishes, mashed potatoes whipped into a creamy frenzy
2:15pm mantra: don't burn the rolls, don't burn the rolls
2:25pm rolls come out of oven golden brown, yes! last two dishes into the oven, sweet potato casserole topped with the traditional marshmallows and third stuffing
2:35pm take out stuffing, turn on broiler to crisp topping on casserole to a perfect golden
2:37pm listen to Whiners (the non-onion-eating reason there are three different stuffings: we wanted oysters in OUR stuffing, you only put it in the one with onions, we wanted oysters, whine. Whine? I decide to pour glass number two
2:41pm open oven to charred marshmallow topping, smoke billows out, well, at least I didn't burn the rolls, I scrape off burned, sticky mess
3:05pm dinner is served!
3:07pm thankful for family and friends and the opportunity to cook abundant food

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